Image A week as ‘L’invitee de la semaine’ at ALittleMarket

This was a creative week on all fronts.

I was invited to guest post on the #AlittleMarket #Instagram account this week and it has been a lot of fun sharing my little univers to you.

A big thank you to Sophie @alittlemarket and all fans for your likes, comments and follows!

Here are some images used. I hope you will enjoy.


Un grand merci à Sophie pour cette opportunité  d’être  #inviteedelasemaine chez @alittlemarket pour vous faire découvrir mon univers.

Mille merci a vos gentils commentaires!  Veuillez trouver ci joint quelques images partagé. 




Inspired by Nature


Nature’s filigree



Nesting Vessels


Brute Vessels


Black and White