the maker

Britta studied as a Goldsmith at the Goldsmith School in Essen Germany. She completed her training with a Master Goldsmith in Düsseldorf.

Moving to London in 1988, she joined Geoffrey Turk, Glenn Spiro and then Graff Diamonds. She manufactured for Barbara Cartlidge at the Electrum Gallery before setting up her own company, Brand Image, where she designed and produced bespoke pieces for private clients.



Her designs are carefully and meticulously hand-crafted from precious metals, sourced from ethical suppliers.

Her latest work is focusing on organic forms, sculptural shapes and textures Inspired by Nature trying to reflect the beauty and depth in earthiness and her affinity to her natural environment.
It includes different techniques of doming and forming metal including layering effects, mixing materials and contrasting textures and asperities.

She concentrates on small and limited collections of rings, earrings and necklaces and also creates one-off bespoke pieces for clients using simple and clean lines aimed to give the wearer long-lasting pleasure.